Meet Ash


 Hey there ! Thanks for wanting to know more about me and this big adventure. I'm a creative, a mom, a wife, a hairstylist, a hippie at heart, and a maker junkie. Most days I'd rather be outside, music blasting while working on one of my bazillion running around and all. This wild ride of being a mom keeps things adventurous, that's for sure! One thing has always been the same though, and that's my love for clothes. I've always loved fashion since I was a little girl, I knew I'd have my hand in it one day. I spent the first part of my career doing hair, and I have loved every second. That will always be a part of me..I think that's where I got my first taste of that special moment. You know, the feeling of making someone feel awesome, beautiful and amazing. Just as they should feel... 
As women we are so hard on ourselves, we don't love our bodies like we should. But clothing has always had the ability to transform how I feel. When you find a GREAT piece its almost life changing. Instantly your confidence is soaring, and your light shines brighter. So when you find that, BUY that outfit ladies you deserve it ! And when someone gives you a compliment take it girl !!!! You ARE beautiful, smart, perfect and wonderfully made. 
I started this personal quest of  "make all the women feel beautiful" on another path. I was selling a direct sales fashion brand, and while this way a great way to dip a toe in the water, it wasn't MY company, I wasn't in charge of what clothing I wanted to sell my amazing customers. So one day over a glass of wine, my incredibly supportive husband said "Why don't you just open your own store? You're already doing it."  DUH... um yes why don't I just start MY OWN STORE oh smart husband of mine. He thinks I can do anything, and with his help, a little more wine, and a lotta Jesus... I decided he's right. ;) 
So the option to go mobile/online made the most sense for me as a busy momma of two little babes. I can work my schedule around for my family and still do what I love most. Hanging with incredible women, and making them feel like the rockstars they are!
We found the cutest little 1972 Prowler trailer, totally gutted and ready for her transformation. And so it begins... we have decided to pour our blood sweat and tears into the renovation and do it ourselves. As for the name Market Detour, I envisioned popping up shop at local markets and festivals. And naturally what do you do when you see an adorable little trailer full of treasures ? You make a straight detour for shopping of course !!! Also, I'm ALWAYS game for good road trip adventure. Detours are never expected, the road less traveled, and you always see something you might not have seen otherwise.  
Adventure on babes.  
I'll  be keeping everyone in the loop, so follow along on
my Instagram for all the fun. 
I can't wait to shop with y'all !!!!!